Face Carnival App Reviews

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Oh Come On Apple This is Fraud

Wake up Apple. Look at these posts - I got burned too — my bad for not looking at those comments first. Your posting software that doesn’t work for anyone on your App Store. Are you doing your job at all and checking this stuff out. It’s only 99 cents so who cares. Probably lots of folks that may think someday about buying a new Mac……maybe not.

The app doesn’t work!

It doesn’t take pictures and doesn’t allow to open your own picture. I want my money back!

Does NOT work with Lion!!

I wish this app had a prominent listing that it would not work with my system. Would like a refund!

want refund or will report fraudulent app

This App does not work for Macbooks with Lion. At very least, list this restriction in the App description, remove from the App store, and offer refund before Apple gets it back for its users.

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